Sick and Disgusted (Jan. 2019)

Got into an argument on facebook already this morning.

How can someone look at an Ultrasound of a developing child inside of them and think “it’s not really a child, it’s a parasite, a nuisance, a mistake, a drain on the society, I’mm going to abort it? My life is more important than the child developing inside me? Why not put into adoption? Orphanages and adoption agencies are full enough already, I’m not going to add another drain on their system” HOW?! HOW?! HOW?! Can someone think like this?! Babies are so cute and adorable and add so much to our lives!!! This new law in NY, where you can abort them up to 9 months when they have heartbeats and developing fingers and toes and limbs?! I was 28 weeks when I was born! They would’ve aborted me! I am glad I was born to the parents I was! Even with my disabilities! I am still a human! I still have a purpose! This new law makes my head and brain hurt and the fact this person doesn’t believe in an almighty creator hurts my heart even more. What could’ve possibly ever happened in her life to make her think like this? Sadly, so many people think like this now 😦 

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