update on my grandmother; Not looking good

My mom gave me an update on my grandmother last night; they are calling in hospice but taking her back to the nursing home to ensure she is comfortable and safe. 😦 It doesn’t look like she has much longer. I need to go visit her now before its too late. I don’t want my last memories being regrets of not visiting her enough or her being sickly in the hospital a day or two before she passes. Mom said “she’s not in her right mind,” but it is like I don’t mind. I need to go visit her. My gut is telling me I need to go. So more than likely, she will not get to see me get married or graduate with my bachelors degree or any of those future things. 😥 *sigh*
But that is life, it isn’t always fair and doesn’t always make sense. As long as she isn’t suffering anymore, I need to remember that.

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