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Disability Update: Good News/Bad news, Infection Update

 I got a email from the Mychart app from my Infections dr; Dr. Mejia. He got my bloodwork results in from Quest diagnostics in Lafayette, LA. Good news, I am negative for infection (meaning, no more infection in my body) according to the bloodwork. 

Bad news, he still insists on the plan of antibiotics being a life-long thing; due to the “complexity of the infection,” whatever the heck that means. 

To say, I am disappointed and upset is an understatement. This makes 2 years that my labs show I am infection free. I had hopes that I could eventually get off the antibiotics. I am not even 30 years old yet, and the idea of life-long antibiotics; God willing I live to a ripe old age, that would be 60+ years of antibiotics! 

yes, it times like these it is hard to see the light and positivity of my life, but I cannot loose my faith and Hope in God my lord and savior. He is good and all powerful, he is all knowing and can perform wonderous miracles. He is the only one who knows how my story will go. Be gone, Satan, quit tormenting me with emotional meltdowns and sorrow. I will try to look to God and find peace in his love and warm embrace. 

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