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Disability update: Genetics appointment, pain management, pain, oh my!

In High School, I learned that for me to get stuff accomplished, I Need To Do Lists, color-coded or numbered by priority: Otherwise everything is absolute chaos. Yesterday I made a to-do list and got most of it completed: 
I called the genetics doctor to do the genetics testing and find out more about my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: what type I have, what symptoms of that type, etc.
 I had been waiting to hear back from them. I went to my GP (general physician) in August 2020 to get a referral, they finally sent the referral in Oct or November, and I had still not heard back from the genetics dr office to get an appointment set up. I called and the referral was never uploaded into the computer so I had to call my GP to ask them to refax the referral, but instead of having to wait for that, they went ahead and got all my file info and set an appointment to get me in the books; won’t be until August (unless someone cancels or reschedules, I am on a waitlist.) 
In other news, I am down to 3 pain pills left and my pain management doctor appointment isn’t until the 29th of this month! I called to find out if there was any possible way to either give me another half refill to tide me over until the appointment or to move my appointment up: I was shot down for both! I have 60 ct of tramadol per script- however, since I was completely out of my 60 at my last appointment- they had mentioned that they were going to up my count to 120 pills per bottle-but forgot to do that, I see the doctor every 2 months, and my dosage on my bottle says “take 1-2 every 4-6 hours as needed. Max dosage 8 daily;” On a BAD pain day, I take 6; On a good day, I only take 1. On a great (Miraculous rare day) I take 0. I was completely out on my last appointment on 1/28 (so they were filled that afternoon,) that 60 pills lasted me 20 days till 2/17. 2/17 lasted me until 3/11 with 3 left that I will now have to hide in a spot for absolute emergencies until my appointment on 3/29. The next 17 days will be a test of patience, nerves, and will power, I will have to hope and pray that Tylenol and my spasm medications (Baclofen) and (Gabapentin) will be enough, However: If I lose patience and become “Short with anyone,” I am apologizing now ahead of time. Please bear with me and realize I do not mean it, I am in pain and therefore my nerves are already on edge. 
prayers appreciated. 

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