one of those days…Update on A/c Leak.

Maintenance came out to fix the A/c issue, but the water soaked some of the bedroom carpets and even into the closet on David’s side. The maintenance people had us move stuff out of David’s side of the closet, and are gonna blow-dry the carpet and spray some type of chemical to prevent molding. 

I don’t know what God is trying to tell us/teach us, but, I could’ve really done without the moving stuff around workout today when I was already hurting, but oh well, That is life. It isn’t always as we expect/plan. 

I hope and pray that they are able to fix it to the point of no molding, and we are able to get our deposit back when we move out of the apartments. 


A/c Leaking- Apartment issues

My fiance arrived home from work around 9 p.m. and told me that our carpet entrance to the bedroom was completely saturated. No matter how many times we tried soaking it up with the towel, time passes and it doesn’t dry up, seems like it keeps getting wet.  We called the maintenance’s emergency number around 12:20 a.m. And left a message. 

It is like completely soaked. Hopefully, we won’t lose our deposit check when we do move out and hopefully, it won’t be too hard of a job if they have to replace the carpet. UGH. 

Middle of summer and gonna have to sleep with just the bedroom fan on, No A/C. Gonna sweat our brains out. JOYY! NOT!