My favorite people to be around.

Who are your favorite people to be around?

I have always been “a people person,” and I adore being around people, but it’s authentic people, not fakes. For a long time, I have been able to “read a person” by their body language and the way they talk. I can usually tell if someone is being genuine and sincere or just doing it out of “obligation,” So while I do enjoy visiting with anyone and almost everyone, it’s only those who are true and authentic, even the ones I disagree with politically or otherwise- as long as they remain respectful and civil.

My top picks would be: My best friends, certain people in my family, certain family friends/acquaintances, people I met through the community/through the hospitals/or just online friends.
As long as they don’t cause any stress or strife in my life and we can be civil and agree to disagree on things we don’t see eye to eye on, then they are all good in my book. ❤


“heart” Poem- (old piece)

Red heart,

Symbol of love,

Fitting together

Like pieces of a puzzle.


Community, people, socialization

Family, friends, significant others,

Neighbors, simple strangers on the street.

People equal love and happiness,

Loneliness equals sadness, depression,

No heart equals no love,

Overwhelming dark black hole,

Sucking away any chance of happiness.