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Errand in town ends in Disgust!

I was so disgusted today! I went into Citi Trends in Opelousas and was looking for baby clothes for my fiance’s niece, and I passed a T shirt on a 4T hanger that had “Juicy” written on the shirt! Seriously?! FOR a 4T?! That is a 4 year old! What self respecting parent would put their child in that?! That is like a calling card for pedophiles or these “Minor-Attracted people” as they wanna be called now. UGH! I legit wanted to puke in my mouth. With all the child trafficking, child abducting, human trafficking stuff running rampant in today’s society now-a-days, they would put this trash out?! WTF. Rant over!

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Family Court corruption cases, CPS corruptions: Stand with Sophie Long, Justice for Chase, Justice for Hazel, Justice for Sloane, etc.

 A lot of people may have their own opinions on these issues, but I know for a fact that CPS and Family Courts are corrupt and that a lot of times it isn’t for “best interest of the child,” but its more a power play of which parent has more power/infleuence/ or money. “Money talks, Criminals walk.” I know people believe the “father’s rights,” and “Parental alienation” etc, but in my heart, I don’t feel that children can fake the levels of emotions in these videos. Maybe I am wrong, but I rather be wrong and do my part to prevent another “Gabriel Fernandez” case happening. 
In my heart, I think by age 5, children should have a say in who they want to live with. Again, maybe I am wrong. It may be parental alienation and vengeful parents getting back at exes and using the kids as pawns, I dont know, all I know is these heartfelt cries of these kids seem real and they heartbreaking.

please check out my video compliations of the cases: